// In love with me.

This is just my little world.

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The more I feel the pleasure.
The more I feel the pain.
I’m in a love hate relationship too deep to escape.
Everyday is a gamble.
That’s the risk that I take.
In a love hate relationship and you are to blame.

I'm in love with a fairytale
even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care
if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed

Every day we started fighting
Every night we fell in love
No one else
could make me sadder
But no one else
could lift me high above

I don't know what I was doing
When suddenly we fell apart
Nowadays I cannot find her
But when I do we'll
get a brand new start

Do I expect to change, the past I hold inside,
with all the words I say,
repeating over in my mind,
somethings you can't erase, no matter how hard you try,
an exit to escape is all there is left to find.

Close my eyes.
Let the whole thing pass me by.
There is no time.
To waste asking why.
I'll run away with you by my side.
I'll run away with you by my side.
I need to let go, let go, let go, let go of this pride,
Until this echo, echo, echo, echo in my mind.
Until this echo, echo, echo, echo can subside.
28.01.2013 ^ 2

mein Freund hat mich die ganze Zeit gefragt,
ob ich schon mein Workout gemacht habe,
so hab ich mich doch hingestellt und hab mein Workout erledigt,
ich sage euch,
ich werde jetzt lieber das Ripped in 30 machen,
das ist das Nach-Workout von Shred,
deswegen mache ich nun das,
es ist auch kürzer als das Six-Pack-Workout.
Jetzt bin ich eigentlich ganz gut drauf,
das Ripped in war zwar ein Bisschen anstregend,
aber es ist noch alles im Grünen :)
Bin sehr froh das ich es doch gemacht habe,
dank meinem Schatz :D